My Blogging Experience

keyboard-648440_960_720This past year was my first time blogging. I really enjoyed this experience. From blogging I have learnt a lot not just on reading but on the technical aspects, the amount of content I need on my blog to get people interested on what I am writing and definitely the commenting. I learnt a lot on how to give nice and original comments but at the same time give feedback that would help others in their blog posts without hurting anyone’s feelings.

When I first starting blogging we created an All About Me, which you know changed enormously. At the beginning I thought I was going to talk about my favorite sports etc.… but when the year started to pass quickly we did book reviews and essays that our teacher told us to do. Continue reading

What Is Success?

pt-roadmap-to-success-workshopWhat is success? What s success to adult’s children and ME? Success has a big meaning and has a lot of definitions. To me, success is achieving a goal in school, if you have always been waiting for that to come when you get your first 100%. Another way of thinking it is in life general. Knowing that you have worked your hardest and never gave up on dreams and goals or finally graduating from any stage in your life. Graduating from what you love to do and studied for. Continue reading

What Pollution Does To The Environment

nature-forest-trees-environmentWhat’s the environment? The definition of environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. As more and more years go by, the earth gets more polluted and more animals lose their habitats. The definition of pollution is the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. Continue reading


freedom-813099_960_720I believe that everyone should be allowed their own form of beliefs. It could be freedom of religion, freedom of belief etc.… In every country you should be allowed to think or say anything you would like on any particular thing only if it is to hurt someone. But that’s not how it works. Like in some countries they are not entitled to their beliefs. If they say one bad thing about the government they either get thrown in jail or have terrible punishments. Continue reading

The Shadow Of The Black Horse


Everyone knew about the shadow of the black horse. It was a legend. The black horse strode the streets. People watching out their windows hoping to witness a glimpse of the horse one day. During a late night, a horse appeared in a shadow on a train track. A man slowly turned his head not knowing what he just saw. He thought maybe a shadow. He looked again, putting his hand to his mouth… He rubbed his eyes to make sure it was true. From the shadow he saw a tail, hooves and a horse’s body like figure. It had to be… Continue reading

To The Sugar Shack We Go!

untitledOn Sunday I went to the sugar shack with my family of 4. In French you call the sugar shack a Cabane a Sucre. You might have seen the post I did about the 3 places I suggest you should go if you came to Quebec.

We did most of the things you read in my post. We went to this sugar shack called la Erabliere Au Toit Rouge. While there we were standing in line when I see an old friend from Daycare. It was so surprising. I hardly recognized her!

We had an amazing breakfast. We had bacon, eggs, ham, beans, vegetables, and obviously maple syrup! Continue reading